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Frequently Asked Questions


  • MRDE follows the Goffstown School District for school closings. In the event something changes, we will notify the student's parents or guardians via the email you provided or via DSP.

What do I need for Class?

  • Clothing: Black leotard and tan tights. Black shorts may be worn.

    • Ballet/Pointe: Pink tights​

    • Ages 3-6 may wear Pink or Black leotard

  • Shoes: Bring appropriate shoes for each class.

  • Hair: Hair off of face and in a tight secure bun.

  • No underwear to be worn under leotards.

  • Water Bottle

  • Dance Bag

Is food allowed in the Studio?

  • Snacks and drinks may be consumed before or after a class, but not in-between classes. No chewing gum is allowed in the studio. Limited to the waiting/changing area only.

How many performances are there?

  • There is an annual performance held at the end of the dance/school year in June.

  • There is an optional Nutcracker performance in December.

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