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Miss Robin's Dance, Etc. (MRDE) is dedicated to providing a quality dance experience filled with enjoyment, explanation, and professionalism.  Our goal is to strengthen your love for the art of dance, enabling our students to enjoy movement and make their own decision as to how far dance will take them.

We take pride in our students and connecting with parents who join our studio.  We keep the instruction enriching and the dance families' experience both affordable and simple. 

  • We keep our operating costs low

  • We only ask you purchase one costume per dance class

  • We provide a web portal to register and pay your tuition online.

We are confident that when you compare our prices to the competition and talk to our dance parents, you'll love what you hear!  

Dance is an essential element of a high-quality comprehensive physical education program.  It provides a necessary balance in a curriculum that primarily focuses on functional movement. Children should have the opportunity to develop their abilities to use movement for both functional and expressive purposes.  They should be able to participate in a full range of experiences in order to learn the many possibilities of movement.

At MRDE, we believe dance addresses the needs of children to express and communicate their ideas, to understand and know themselves and their world, and to master their own movement abilities.

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