Tuition & Fees

Miss Robin's Dance Etc. offers two payment options for our dance classes. We offer two options for the dancers tuitiion.  You can pay per class, per month, that you are enrolled in, or you can choose a discounted version when you are enrolled in four (4) or more classes - "unlimited dance classes." 

As is customary with any dance studio, there are a variety of additional fees throughout the year in addition to your dancers tuition. Miss Robin does everything possible to keep these fees to a minimum each year (I.e., reusing costumes for multiple performances).  

Upon registration, a space is reserved for your student for the school year.  Tuition is based on the classes your child is enrolled and is always due on or before the first (1st) class of every month.  Although September is always a short month, full tuition is assessed to cover extra classes and performance rehearsals throughout the year, as we do not add extra fees for those class times.


  • We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, American Express Discover, Master Card or Visa (credit cards are paid via PayPal)

  • Checks can be made payable to Miss Robin's Dance, Etc

  • No tuition refunds.  No credits. No exceptions.

  • Accounts paid after the 1st first class of the month will be assessed a $50 late charge.

  • Returned checks $35 charge for all returned checks.

  • Costs vary by age group, dancer level and whether you opt to purchase the unlimited dance option.

  • Annual registration fee is $25 per family and due with the tuition payment in September.

  • Costume varies by class 

  • Competition fees (they are always reasonable)

  • Dance jacket (if applicable)

  • Assistance with fundraisers