Tips & Tricks

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Dance Class Preparation Worksheet

This free downloadable resource can put your young student into a routine to get ready for dance class each day. It helps you as a parent or guardian to keep your dancer on track, as well as helping them to feel more comfortable with an every day system.  Please feel free to download and print it for your student.


Stage Makeup Application

We've pulled together a few resources that you can download to help apply stage makeup to your dancer. It may look funny up close, but trust us, your child will look great on stage!



Here's another link to help you get prepared for the first recital.  


Shoe Storage Tip

We recommend that you use the same bag for your dancers shoes and snacks each week.  One of our parents swears by this method, saying she keeps the same bag in same place every week so that her daughter can just grab it, add a snack and a drink, and run out the door for class.  No searching for lost shoes and much less stress for both of you!